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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make bookings online?
Only registered travel agents can confirm space online. Remember that prices are only guaranteed with full payment.

2. How will I know if my payment was received?
You will receive an email confirmation when you payment is processed.

3. Can I book itineraries with open jaws online (example: LAX-SYD outbound and AKL-LAX return).
Yes it is possible to book open jaws online.

4. Can I book itineraries with stopovers online?
No. You cannot book itineraries with stopovers online at this time. Please call our Reservations Specialists at 866-378-0170 for assistance.

5. Can I cancel reservations online?
Yes. To cancel a reservation, click on PNRs in the Booking Engine. Bring up the passenger record that you would like to cancel. Then click on the Record Locator. You will be given an option to cancel the record.

6. Can I change a booking online?
No. You cannot change a reservation online at this time. To change a reservation, please call our Reservations Specialists at 866-378-0170 for assistance.

7. Does Air by Pleasant require a signed credit card authorization from the cardholder?
No, not as long as the card holder is a passenger.  We do require a signed credit card authorization form on third-party payments faxed to 619-521-2764. 

8. Can I add my own mark-up to Air by Pleasant's net fares?
Yes. Most of our fares are net fares, and you can add a mark-up at your discretion. However, a few carriers require us to display published fares on the tickets so you should make sure that the total price of the ticket including your mark-up is LESS than the published fare amount that will show on the ticket. If you have questions relating to mark-ups, please call reservations at 866-378-0170.

9. My log-in and/or password does not work - what should I do?
To retrieve your password, please send us an e-mail at abpweb@pleasant.net. You will need to include the following information:
• Name
• IATA or ARC Number
• Contact Number (optional)

10. Can I change my log-in and password once my account is created?
No. If you would like to change your log-in or password, please email us atabpweb@pleasant.net with your existing login and password, and the login id and password to which you would like to change it.

11. Are all your fares listed online?
Most fares are listed online. However, if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us at 866-378-0170.

12. Can I book one-way and business/first class fares online?
Yes. Use the drop down menu and change Economy class to Business or First class.

13. Who do I contact if I have questions?
Email us at: abpweb@pleasant.net or call us at 866-378-0170.